Weight Watchers Membership

After locating a local meeting via the internet or the local press, you can get Weight Watchers membership for a fee of around $25-$30. This membership fee is often waived during special promotion months, which are generally advertised in the media.

A weekly fee of around $10-$15 is paid at each meeting, although a monthly or three-month package can be bought in advance at a discount. Weight Watchers membership lapses if a member fails to attend meetings for four weeks. Members must pay for a missed meeting, but if they miss more than two, they only pay for the first week missed, as well as for the current week. Each member is allowed to miss two meetings in the course of the year without having to pay.

When a member has reached an agreed 'goal' weight and maintained it (within two pounds or one kilogram) for six weeks, he or she becomes a life member and may attend future meetings free of charge, provided they maintain their goal weight and attend at least one meeting each month.

Online membership is now available for those who cannot attend meetings or who live in rural areas.

Weight Watchers Online
  • 3-month savings plan
  • Month-to-month plan
Weight Watchers eTools (internet version of the meetings) subscription
  • 3-month savings plan
  • Standard monthly plan

The organizational and social aspects of this program have benefited many people, resulting in excellent weight loss success. For more information please visit Weight Watchers official web site.

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