Calories in Pasta and Rice

Ninety percent of the calories in pasta and rice come from carbohydrates. A half cup of cooked rice constitutes one of the 5 to 12 daily servings of carbohydrates.

Pasta and rice dishes can be transformed by the addition of sauces. Traditional ingredients include olive oil, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Many classic sauces, such as cheese, pesto, and Bolognese, are high in fat and calories.

Pasta is low calories food if it is not served with high-fat, high-calorie sauce. All too often pasta is turned into a fattening dish with butter, cheese, and rich sauces. But there are many ways to avoid these extra calories:

Toss pasta with fresh tomatoes or broth for simple sauce.
Use half of the oil, cheese, and nuts in a pesto recipe.
Use grated Parmesan or Romano cheese.
Add vegetables instead of meat to a light tomato sauce.

Pasta/Rice Cals per oz/28g (Boiled)Cals per oz/28g (Dry weight)
Fresh Pasta2980
Dry Pasta 3296
Brown/white Rice39100
Basmati Indian Rice39100
Pearl Barley34103

Several studies have shown that rice bran help to reduce cholesterol and may reduce the risk of bowl cancer.

Like other carbohydrates, rice and pasta must be counterbalanced with foods from the other compartments of the Food Guide to provide a complete range of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

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