Calories in Meat

The number of calories in meat can be quite high due to high protein content and often high fat levels. Trim visible fat off red meat before cooking to reduce calories, saturated fat, and traces of fat-soluble pollutants. Trimming away all visible fat is an obvious beginning; roasting or broiling on a rack or spit allows the fat to drip free of the meat. Of course, controlling the size of the portion is important.

BeefCals per 1oz/28gFat per 1oz/28g
Brisket, lean, boiled633.1
Fillet steak, lean grilled532.2
Minced beef raw634.5
Roast beef501.7
Rump steak, lean, grilled501.7
Sirloin, lean, roasted531.8
Sirloin, lean, grilled, well done632.8
Topside, lean, roasted571.8

Among red meats, lamb stands out for its high nutritional value. Most of the fat can easily be removed from the lean meat before cooking. Lamb is a reach source of B-complex vitamins, as well as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.
Breast lean roasted765.2
Belly joint lean & fat grilled906.6
Leg lean roasted572.6
Leg chops lean & fat grilled623.4
Loin chops lean & fat grilled695

A pig yields chops and other cuts of fresh meat; cured or processed products, such as hum and bacon; and skin for gelatin and leather. The tenderloin, center-cut leg, and loin chops are the least fatty cuts.

Diced, lean casseroled521.8
Fillet, lean & fat raw411.8
Leg joint lean & fat roasted521.4
Loin chop lean, grilled per chop2217.7
Pork mince, raw462.7
Spare ribs lean & fat grilled372.5
Pork steaks, lean, grilled552.1

The foods you choose will directly relate to the number of calories you consume. Some values for the calories in meat may differ between each product and should be used for general comparison purposes.

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