Food Calories List

Food Calories List and Daily Calorie Requirements

Counting calories is important for those trying to lose weight. If you eat more calories than you need, the body will store them as fat. The question then becomes: how many calories and how much fat can I have?



What do you try to reduce by going on a diet?


Let's take a look at how many calories your body needs each day. First, you need to calculate your ideal weight.

Click here to calculate your ideal body weight.

Second, determine your exercise level and then multiply your ideal body weight with the number corresponding to your exercise level:

  • If you are totally inactive, multiply your ideal body weight by 11.
  • If you exercise two to three times a week, multiply your ideal weight by 13.
  • If you exercise four to five times a week, multiply your ideal weight by 15.
  • AIf you exercise six to seven times a week, multiply your body weight by 18.

Now you know how many calories your body needs each day. From here, you can easily figure out how much fat you can eat. Most nutritionists recommend that your limit daily intake of fat to 30 per cent of your total calories. However, if you want to lose weight, limit your daily fat intake to 20 per cent of your total calories.

To help you with calculations, here is an example:
Diana's ideal body weight is 150 pounds. She exercises two to three times a week, so ideal weight multiplied by the number that matches her activity level is 1950 (150 x 13 = 1950). The number of calories that her body needs each day, therefore, is 1950.

If we take 20 per cent of 1950, we get 390 (1950 x 0.20 = 390). To translate fat calories into fat grams, we need to divide 390 by 9 because one gram of fat is equal to 9 calories. In order to lose weight, Diana will need 43 grams of fat per day (390/9=43).


One way to make healthier and more informed food choices is to learn how to read food labels. Food labels contain information about calories, fat, fibre, sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional details.

Another way to track the calories is by knowing how many are present in food. Our food calorie list is handy and simple to read. Take a tour and find some wise food alternatives as well.

Ice Cream

If you are trying to lose weight it is very hard to go out and eat because it is almost imposable to truck the calories and nutritional value of the meals. This might be a reason why your attempts to lose weight have not worked. The food industry (restaurants) should volunteer to post the food calories list and sodium contents of their meals. For more information check out following very interesting CBC video

Calorie Confidential: You'll never guess how high-calorie the foods are at the popular sit-down chains.

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Is it the only problem? What about the portion sizes? Click here to learn what a portion is ....

What I have learned is that if I am going to follow a diet that will keep me healthy it is better not to blindly trust the food and restaurant industry. Learn to read labels and check websites because at the end food calories list really helps.

Tell us what's on your mind? Do you have ideas for low fat, low calorie meals that taste good? Click here now!

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